Friday, December 5, 2014

finding beauty: tree farm heart captures

I shared about our trip to the a nearby tree farm yesterday and wanted to share some captures (7 + 2 to be exact) that stole my heart as well as why they melted me a little. 

This one below is of GeekMan and Bigfoot. This little boy loves his daddy so much and loves being with him. He wants to be like him. I wants to imitate him. He's been carrying around a little broken toy computer these past few days saying he's working on stuff, like daddy. He wants to follow in his footsteps, and I see that beauty in this photo.
My little bit of sweet trouble doesn't always hold my hand. He's so much more independent that his big brother, but he also likes to come back to home base. It makes me happy that I'm home base.
Speaking of his independence. I see so much of that in this photo. Not only is independent but he loves his big brother and tries to imitate everything he does. This photo is just that. Big brother was on the car first. Then Linus climbed up, to imitate him, watch him off, and seconds after this photo, follow his big brother's climbing path down the car.
I love hearing Bigfoot's laugh. The one that's raw and real and full of kid joy and wonder. That's what I hear when I see this photo.
The tree farm was an awesome time, but I know I mentioned the wind. That wind was insane and made visible with my oldest rockstar hair.
I love that Bigfoot climbed all the way to the top of this. On his own. This slide was huge! And, off he went, brave, bold, and all boy.
These little feet walk a lot of ground every day. I love the places he goes.
Brother see, brother do.
Linus has an awesome sense of humor. He was playing Hide n' Seek here. It was so fun, cute, and funny.
We had a really great time at the tree farm and I cannot wait till we go again next year! God is good, and we are so blessed to be able to do these things. And not only good because He has allowed us the time and finances to do them this year, but also because He has given us the gift of each other. My heart is full and I'm glad I can share a little bit of what fills it.

What moments in life have filled your heart lately? Would love to know!

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  1. Oh, your photos are lovely. My favorite is the one with your little man up high and the light pouring through the red leaves.

    1. Thanks so much! I really love that one too! He really is always looking after his brother to follow him around. It's the sweetest. That is, when they aren't getting into it. ;)

  2. I love the perspective on the slide shot! My favorite for sure! I love those older metal slides.. not to great in the hot summer, but better then the plastic ones my kids play on now. :)

    1. The slide was a tall one too and while we were climbing the stairs it was all a bit wobbly (no thank you!). But, he kept wanting to climb back up to fly back down. It was fun for sure, and I know what you mean about the old slides! they had a park of the good old "antiques".


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