Friday, March 20, 2015

the present moment // all the little things

I've been around. At home mostly. The boys and I have continued to hunker down during this bout of dreary weather. We have gotten out some too, but mostly just taken it easy at home. Learning, loving, and enjoying each other on the daily. It's been good. There's been time for quiet. Time for reading. Time for crazy. Time for snuggles and hugs. Time for little things. All little things really. And it's been good.

As much as I'd love to be the kind of person that is always on the go (Which I do try to be sometimes, especially when we all are feeling the need to get out.), I do appreciate when my home-dwelling heart gets to just sit in the goodness that is our little family. It's good for me. It's good for my soul. And in turn I think it's good for my family too.

With the slow and (mostly) intentional moments of our days, this little blog of mine is what has been even more slow and quiet. When I would normally blog before, I find myself just wanting to sit in silence, resting in His Word through some scripture art...

...or if I wasn't resting in the drawing and silence, I crafted a little...

...and, if I wasn't crafting with fabric, scissors, or my random tidbits of fun at home, I've been crafting through foods.

Finally, when I wasn't crafting with foods, I was crafting with my boys to help bring home feast days, our Lenten journey, or just the little building blocks of life and play.
St. Joseph Italian Cream Puffs for the Solemnity of St. Joseph.
Play. {Happy}
Crafting Candlelit Prayer Cards.
The giraffe that gets built on the daily over here. {Funny}
Our little treasures found on St. Patty's day. {Pretty}
Hunting for four-leaf clovers and ants.
Making Lenten Prayer Pretzels. {Real}
And when I wasn't doing all of these little things that encouraged me in being intentional and present, I was learning how to live love one small way at a time. There really is grace in the now and as each day passes I learn that more and more. 

I have failed, I have done well, and everything in between.

It's the season. The season of Lent. The season of little things. The season of beginning again. The season where I seek Him, not only in His Word or the gifts of my family, but in my moments of quiet and in my moments of chaos. In all the little things.

I'm finding He is there ready to meet me. To share with me His Love and Gift.
Blogging hasn't been happening a ton this season and that's okay. I have little posts swirling in my head and I do yearn to capture and share more of our little tidbits of life on this little space of mine. But till I find my rhythm again, I will keep popping in to share little moments. Kind of like I'm doing now. 

Just know, underneath the cloudiness of allergies and all the head pressure that come with rainy days and changing seasons, there is a mama keeping on in her little ways, finding peace in that, and praying the same for you.


  1. Love the Scripture Art, about to crack open the scrapbooking supplies to address the 300 photos I finally printed...and your food looks yummy! Nice photos...and nice blog! nice to meet you!

  2. I don't care for mushrooms, but I really want to taste that Brussels sprout dish. It looks amazing. Just be. I'll enjoy reading whatever you post, whenever. No worries.

  3. I love your scripture art :-) And that food. so yummy looking!

  4. You're one crafty lady! Your family is adorable. I wish we lived closer so our kids could play together!

  5. I love your term "home dwelling heart." It sound much more cozy and quaint than what I'm called by my extrovert children, hermit and recluse.

  6. Your Scripture art is just gorgeous!!!! I totally wish I was able to be creative and artsy like that:)


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