Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Favorites: Beach Memories & Moments

1. My Sweet Boy and Handsome Husband 
This photo is beautiful and makes my heart happy. 

2. Grandparents.
Papa getting his workout on with the help of his beloved grandson.
Nana also got her workout from this little boy and from holding Linus.
Sports are always a must with Bigfoot. There was paddle ball, baseball, football, soccer, Texas sledding (it counts, right?), chasing seagulls, and lots and lots of RUNNING!

3. Running.
He would fearlessly run into the ocean. Love this boy and his love for the beach! He is definitely his mama's son.
He ran with sand all over his face. Sand managed its way all over this boy at different times. He face planted quite a few times from all of the running only to get back up and run some more.
Bigfoot loved chasing seagulls!

 4. JOY
He loved the waves! Loved them crashing into him and making him lose balance.
I mean, he really loved it. He would fall into the water on purpose just to get swayed some more.

5. My Happy Place that was filled with Happiness.
Already itching to go back! So grateful for God's natural gifts!

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