Wednesday, September 18, 2013

There's a Party in my Mouth!

This is what I imagine Linus saying. Or more like, "Thank you for the party in my mouth!!".

We started our Baby-Led Weaning journey again. I'm so excited. I loved watching Bigfoot explore and just be so excited about food from the start. It was such a wonderful journey that we are still enjoying.

Little Linus is now ready to get his journey started and we all felt so excited and wonderful having him sit at the table with us during meal time. There really is something about sitting down as a family for meals. Linus joining us at the table is definitely a family favorite moment.
Whaaa??? Are you serious?!
Hi, my name is Linus. I'm a baby. What are you?
Avocado party!
I got this! Nom Nom!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
What is this amazing goodness??!
Such concentration!
Did you all really just let me do this?!

Thank's family! I love you!


We love you too, little one! And love having you at the table with us!

For more information on Baby Led Weaning check out this site and an old post I wrote when Bigfoot started his wonderful food journey!


  1. Love how his top and his first food matches! Coincidence much? Good luck to him on his path to real food!

    1. haha, thanks, Sil! There was some intention with the shirt lol


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