Friday, September 6, 2013

7QT/3-2-1: Last Saturday was a Tired-Busy-Good Day

If you haven't been around, let me catch you up! Our little family got back home this past Sunday from a mini-vacay to South Padre Island, TX. We had a beautiful time with family and friends - some new and some old. To read more about the few days we were out and about soaking up God's beauty, check out thisthisthis, and this post.

Now, onto the Saturday of our little trip. It was a tired-busy-good one, filled with family, love, good food, and no sleep.

Saturday morning was a doozy! We woke up early so that we could pack up all our vehicles, check out, and head off to brunch on the main land at Isabel's (I'll share more about Isabel's later in the quick takes).

To say I was sleepy is an understatement. We had stayed up the night before and lovely Linus loves to wake up Mama around those odd hours that make her feel as if she didn't sleep a wink.

At least you don't have to think too much in order to pack up all your stuff. My brain just switched into auto-mode throwing all things into whatever suitcase/bag we had. Floor checks were made, bathrooms were searched, van was loaded by GeekMan and Papa Ram and we were OFF! It all happened in sort of blur, really. But, it did happen, as evidenced by the fact that I am no longer there.

1 Thing I Love LoVe LOVE to Eat:
Breakfast tacos from Isabel's! Once we left the condo we headed over to Isabel's for some brunch. Let me tell you it was YUMMY! 
and, HUGE! They are known for their larger than normal tacos. This was their "regular". I know, their "regular" taco is ginormous! But, it was oh-so-delicious!

Haha, and if you thought that was huge, get a load of this bad boy:

See!??? HUGE!!! Huge tacos filled with lots of yumminess. So, if you are ever in the area, do yourself another favor and make your way to Isabel's. Just like Dirty Al's for the best seafood on the island, you'll be thankful for Isabel's for the best breakfast tacos! Your welcome!
When we got home (felt like we should have been calling it a night by this time, but it was only 1:00PM???), we were all so sleeeepppyyyyy! Most everyone took a nap of sorts, minus me, because that is my life right now. We watched most of the Aggie game (WH05P!) and then got ready to go to Mass. This segment felt like a blur too, but was enjoyable for the most part because the Aggies won (WH05P!).

Once we got out of Mass we high-tailed it over to my in-laws side of the family. They were all gathering for a birthday (which, that Saturday was also my Mom's birthday! I'll add to that in a later quick-take) and we wanted them to meet little Linus. As soon as we got there we soaked up every beautiful moment we could! Onto the next quick-take for photos of these moments!

3 Things I'm Thankful For::

Here's the newest member of the family! How cute is he??!
Linus is also a farely new addition. I'm so glad everyone got to meet him and pretty sure all the aunts were able to carry and play with him. He was such a good boy and enjoyed all the arms and smiles.

Here are the three newest babies! All boys and incredibly sweet! Our family is so blessed! 

The boys got to see their Nonna! They were pretty excited. Linus greeted her with some cute shy smiles.

And, Bigfoot greeted her with a game of chase. The boy was non-stop in this huge yard. Bigfoot loves his Nonna tons, so we're glad we got to see her for the time we did.
We love great-grandma! The boys got to her too! Always a gift when that happens!

::Uncle A and Rebekah
Bigfoot was so excited to see Uncle A! He ran right up to him ready to give a big hug!
We love these two! Rebekah, beautiful as always!
Uncle A's mini-me! Love it!

As mentioned earlier, it was my mom's birthday. It was so nice to be able to be with her on such a special day. Things like this don't always happen since we don't live near our parents, so when it does it's nice to try and be present to the little gift God has shared.

My mom is such a blessing. She is beautiful and wonderful. She loves her grandson's so much and her kids and son-in-law as well! We're grateful for her health and all that she is. Love that we were able to celebrate Mass together on her Birthday, and spend the little bit of evening we had together (since we were all so spent in the morning/afternoon). God is good and we are thankful.

Haha, and I'm especially thankful for the next moments captured.
This picture makes me laugh every time I see it! Eli was fussing, I was setting the timer on the new camera that I don't yet know how to work properly, and my brother kept lighting matches (DANGEROUS!). In the chaos, Eli managed to grab my mom's hair, pull with all his strength; meanwhile, my mom was trying to blow out the match that my brother kept sticking in her face! Yikes! But, yay for this awesome time!
We did a little rearranging after the last picture we got, and then were blessed with this awesome moment! WOOHOO! Such a great picture of us all! Love it, and love my mom so very much! Prayers for another awesome year, filled with His Goodness, Love, Joy, and Peace!
So, right after the pictures were snapped, the boys needed to be put to bed. This unfortunately meant that I would spend a good hour of the rest of the evening nursing, bouncing, and swaying Linus to get to bed (because he was that fussy). I didn't get to spend too much time with my mom that evening since the boys were calling, but I'm thankful for the little time I did get, and all the time we had at the beach.

Honestly, while I was putting the boys down, I was really wanting to stuff my face with ICE-CREAM CAKE! I really heart ice-cream cake! So, when I finally finally was able to put Linus down without him crying, I ran as quietly as I could to go get my share. It was fabulous, friends! I mean, absolutely happy!

Our Saturday was a good one, but as you can see it was non-stop! Thankfully, it was non-stop with lots of goodness.

Now, onto the last bit from 3-2-1 and my last quick-take...

2 Things in my Purse that don't need to be there:
::A wrapped fortune cookie from God-knows when.
::Bigfoot's sandle. Just one. The jury is out for the other one.

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Oh kids shoes...ugh! I recently told my children if I could have shoes/socks surgically attached to their feet I would just so I would no longer have to look for them as we are headed out the door.

    1. Haha, Jenny you are wonderful! I love the way you think! Yes, if they could be attached that would be awesome! I can't tell you how many non-matching pairs of socks we have?? Where do the pairs go??? Yet another reason why my boys only wear shoes when we are out and about and rare-never before walking! Happy Saturday to you, friend! :)


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