Sunday, October 26, 2014

Embrace the Ordinary: These are the Moments

I know everyone says it, but these boys are growing! Fast! Moment by moment, smile by smile. tantrum by tantrum, hug by hug, and inch by inch.

Everyday they are learning and growing, growing and learning. On and on they go with time. It's amazing. Wonderful. Beautiful. Crazy. Good. And, lots of other things.

Some days I'm great at embracing every bit of them. Other days I'm not. Some days I'm good at leading them; other days all I have on my mind is my next break. Some days I can hold them through every cry, talk them down fromoments tantrum, and snuggle them to laughter after almost every fall. Other days, I'm ready for daddy to step in from work (Is that possible?).

I went to the Hand and Heart Bazaar at our church today. I love going to these little things that bring out all the little local shops for a number of reasons. Reason numero uno is that there are always so many amazing gift potentials for Christmas! Whether it be for me (Terrible, I know!) or for family.

But, reason numero dos is because of the women there. They meet you and greet you. Talk to you and are usually wanting to know you. It's kind of wonderful. 

These seasoned, beautiful women that are sharing their gifts and talents helped me get perspective today. Often times their littles are teenagers or older. Ever once in awhile some of their youngests are in elementary, but even that shares a perspective that tugs at my heartstrings. 

My babies won't keep. This sweetness that I wish I could just bottle up for another day isn't bottle-up-able. 

Or isn't it?

I'm thankful for this little space that our new day and age has allowed me. It gives me a little time capsule that I will have forever (I think... Please internet don't go lose yourself!). For now, this space online is the keeper of my little mama heart moments.

Heart moments that look like this:

Here's my oldest and the little way he purses his lips when he's trying to get something done.
 Or the determined hands that can get fiesty in .0002 seconds (Pretty sure he chunked both pieces right after I snapped this.)
 The moments of togetherness.
Or like this moment where Bigfoot was reading to Linus.
The discovery of the fun of saying Cheese! and play time outside.
His thoughtfulness and ability to be still (most of the time).
The way this one can shine when he's happy and has such an ability to be silly.
 The smiles. There really are a lot.
Oh, and these feet. His nickname isn't Bigfoot for nothing! The boy had huge feet out of my womb. But something happened when he fit into these running shoes that were at least two sizes too big just a few months ago. 
My heartstrings felt a tug that was tugged even more from some really wonderful women at the bazaar.

These feet wearing these shoes are evidence of the moments for my mama-heart tonight. Like I said, so many share in passing about how time passes so quickly and how they grow up in a blink of an eye. The women and mothers I met today during that tidbit of alone time shared these sentiments in such a way that just oozed love and all things good.

Everything they shared and all who have shared throughout my three years of motherhood is so true. I mean look at those little big feet!??

The truth that these moments are the moments is hard to embrace. Especially on hard days. But hard days or not, I know it's true. My heart really knows it's true. And, I just pray for the grace to mother daily in a way that embraces this extraordinary gift as fully as I possibly can.

Motherhood can be such a whirlwind filled with ups and downs that knock our perspective around like crazy! What times or moments bring this reality to the forefront for you?

Linking-up with the wonderful Gina who started this beautiful link-up that also helps me get perspective on all the goodness that I have in my life.


  1. This is so true and so beautiful! It feels so crazy to always be saying, "where'd the time go?" but man, does it fly. It makes me see how each new day is a new start with our kids, but in the long run we only have one shot with them. (ahh!!)
    I love the photo of your boys together on the swing!

    1. I'm right there with you, Theresa! ahhH! So thankful for the grace to have those moments of perspective though to help me soak them up as much as possible. Thanks for your sweet words!

  2. Sweet, sweet boys :) It really is crazy how fast they grow! Each new stage is such a blast :)

  3. My kids' feet are exactly how I measure their growth, too.
    Thanks for your reflections. Annie

    1. Haha, both of them have sized up! It was one thing when I wrote this and my oldest had noticeably sized up! But, now both of them!?? I want to bottle my babies up! And, their little stinky feet!

  4. I had one of these moments this morning watching my 12 and 10 year old play quietly next to each other with cars and Hess trucks - something they rarely do any more. It really made me tear up knowing that these moments are becoming fewer and further in between as they grow older. I guess it's all part of moving into a new phase, but I am surely going to miss these days! Thanks for sharing - I's stopping over from the Catholic Women Bloggers group on FB!

    1. Aw, Debbie! Those tears! I'm already missing these days but trying not get caught up in it so I can stay present! So hard! Thanks for sharing your beautiful moment and for affirming what I'm already feeling!

  5. Awww...what cuties you have. And I know what you mean about seeing them grow into and out of shoes! This is lovely.

    1. Thanks so much, Rita! They are pretty cute! If only I could harness that cuteness on the days where I'm missing their littleness or the days when they are wreaking havoc! ;) Every moment really is the moment. Thankful for grace during these times!

  6. I could have sworn I commented earlier this week! Darn. I have not been forgetting you! I love that you are always linking up with me, and your posts remind me to chill out a bit and embrace the ordinary nature of my boys a bit more. <3 The feet. Darling. I love feet. My kids are growing so fast, too. I can't keep up!


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