Friday, October 17, 2014

Zoo Family Fun: Kissing Monkeys and Beautiful Giraffes

We were able to go to the zoo this past weekend while Papa Wooley and Nonna were in town. We've been wanting to go to the zoo since forever. Honestly, if it were up to me, we'd be there once a month because I kind of just love it. It's outdoors. There's walking. Chit-chatting. Admiring of beautiful animals. And, there's always the making of beautiful memories.

I'm also very fond of the zoo because I absolutely loved when my parents would take me when my brother and I were little. You never knew what the animals would be doing this time or what events they would have for us little kiddos. And, I remember taking a picnic to be had in the big park across the street from the zoo. We would go eat our sandwiches out there. Together. And, I loved it. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

Onto my reasons for loving this trip.

The boys were happy and so excited! I can't even explain the light that lit when I told my oldest we had arrived. His face bunched together out of joy and he started rambling off toddler zoo chat non-stop. The boys were often held by the men and were thrilled and Roaarrring to their hearts desire.

There's always a laugh to be had with these animals. These two were so funny.
These kisses just kept on keeping on. One kept after the other puckering up and leaning in. The exchange was hilarious. So hilarious! I kept wondering when one or the other would give in, but there was no stopping the love exchanges these two wanted to share with each other.
It was pretty great!

Life is mind-blowing and it's kind of awesome to see it up close and personal. Flamingos. You really are so beautiful, stinky (I mean, really stinky.), but incredibly mind-blowing with your one-legged-standing-selves!
Come onnn! I just don't know how that could ever be comfy. But you are. Tuckered in. Comfy. And, on one leg.
Haha, while leaving the flamingos, my husband turned to me and just said, Mind blown. Haha, and I agree. Crazy, stinky, beautiful, wonderful, unique flamingos. You amaze us.

There was so much greenery and beautiful sights to be soaked up! We all kept talking about how beautiful this zoo was. The bamboo, the large old trees, the plants, everything was gorgeous!
I love seeing the grandparents light up with the boys. There's a beautiful love between these boys and their grandparents. It's so real and raw and beautiful.
And, I'm glad they were able to share this fun experience with us.
See that joy and love?? I do. It's such a gift!

I loved capturing the boys in front of this elephant! I wish I could have taken a few more because I didn't get the picture I had in my head, but I still love these two photos.
This is what I got when I asked them to smile. Thank you, Linus. Thank you. Meanwhile, Bigfoot was rocking the photo-smiles.
I saw the most beautiful thing! These giraffes were chasing each other all around their exhibit. It. was. beautiful. I had never seen this before. Only on television. And, for whatever reason, I just thought video of them running were always put in slow motion for one reason or another.
But, friends. When they run, it looks like you are watching a video in slow motion. Giraffes and all their beauty, galloping, quickly, but slowly, so delicately, after each other. It was all kinds of glorious and hard to leave.

My heart captures were real and filled with lots of goodness.
Daddy's shoulders 
Papa's hands and guidance.
And, Mama got a picture with her big boy!
Thank you, Nonna for capturing a few of me and Bigfoot! It's a rarity that I get a photo. So, I'm thankful anytime I do!

There you have it friends. Some pretty, happy, funny, and real. Seven plus one of my favorite takes from our zoo trip with the grandparents and lots of beauty finds for your Friday!

What are your favorites about going to the zoo? Share them in the comments, I'd love to know!

Pray you have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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