Friday, October 24, 2014

Gifts that Sustain: Part 2

Continuing with some photo-fun of our weekend away.

To recap, every year we take a small trip with our friends from bible study. It's a great time, every time, for the kids and the adults. It's like a big family sleepover that I will say yes to again and again. Seeing the boys get to play with their friends and make new memories with each other is wonderful. And, getting the chance to parent alongside friends who are in the thick of parenthood is affirming, encouraging, supportive, and nourishing for our young parenting hearts.

Onto our fun. There was a loft above the gameroom that was perfect for the elementary aged kids, equipped with chalkboard, dolls, building blocks, bean bags, and a television for movie time.
 Meanwhile in the game room, these boys loved all of it: the pool table because of the Big sticks, the drum set (Oh, the drum set! So awesome!), piano, fuzzball, air hockey, and a stand-alone arcade with all the old goodies!
Every time I lost my husband, I just had to come here to find him sitting in front of this bad boy. The boys seemed to enjoy it too.
Air-hockey. I didn't get to challenge my husband on this one. Wish I would have made time for that because playing games like this with him is fun. But, I'm glad the little ones got to enjoy it!
Oh, and remember that kiddie-playhouse that was outside fully equipped with electricity and a functioning AC? This is that little loft it had inside. How cute is this??
Amazing little dream world filled with friends, your sibling, and little-sized everything!
Haha, okay, this next shot had me cracking up so much! My husband was playing with a little toy propeller. The kids were loving how high he was twirling it! Meanwhile, out of no-where, a little butterfly landed on his butt

ot only did it land on his bum, it lingered! And lingered. And lingered!

Then he shewed it off only for it to come back to the same spot! The exact same spot! I went to grab a shot but in between landings one of our friends called out,

What are you?? A flower??!

And, I could not. stop. laughing! My husband. The walking flower. And, the location of where this beautiful little butterfly is just what killed me. This is far from flower land if you ask me. Love you, babe!
Check out this next shot. It's one of my favorites. All the kids scattering. The big trees. The sun. So much toy-propeller-fun!
The boys were loving the fun with the toy propeller. They would just run around crouching over, laughing hysterically, wondering if the propeller would land on them. It was hilarious.
I can't say enough how much I love these little trips and how grateful I am that we get to share these awesome times with our boys. 
So many good memories are made. The boys are still talking about all the fun. Or, at least my talking Bigfoot is. Linus is still mostly grunting, but I think if he weren't, he'd also be talking about it.

Thanks for enjoying this little trip with us through these photos! I love that I can share them here and pray that any and all families with littles gather some family friends and get yourself a little trip nearby booked! Cost of places and food spread among many families really can be worked out if you find the right place and plan ahead enough!

This time together is nourishing and I promise you won't regret a second of it!

Have you ever taken a trip with a number of friends who also have littles? What was your favorite part?


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    1. Haha, I wish you could have been there to see this scene play out. It was hilarious!


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