Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Littles: Googi-oggers and Lee-lee

These boys they are a growing and I'm trying to capture their sweetness as much as possible. Here's what they were saying a few months ago, because that's how long this post has been on draft-mode (Fail!). Better late than never!

Hopefully I'll have more of their silliness to share in the coming weeks. The things that come out of these kids mouth is just gold and I really want to remember!!!


Mama: I want you to know love and serve Jesus.
Bigfoot: I saw Jesus all mow-ning mama.
Mama: Oh yah, what'd he say or do?
Bigfoot: He was singing alleluia like this (raises arms)
Mama: Oh yah?
Bigfoot: Yah. And he was playing the guitar!

During prayer.
Bigfoot: I'm thank-you fa faaaileee!!!
Translation: I'm thankful for family!!!
Every night. Since this time he's been adding all sorts of things. Friends, family, outside, time with daddy, dinosaurs in da house...

Bigfoot: I love your heart, mama.(talking about my necklace! lol)
Mama: Thank you, baby.

Bigfoot: Mama, that's a gweaattt I-Dee-uhhh! (Anytime I suggest to do something to his liking.)
Mama: Mama, that's a great idea!

Mama: Bigfoot, mind [Insert whatever request, small chore, I have for him at the moment.]
Bigfoot: (on his good days while in good toddler humor) Sure, mama, I can dooo dat!

If I wear a different necklace that doesn't have a heart/sacred heart on it.
Bigfoot: Ohhh noo...Mama! Where's your heart??

Bigfoot: Mama, Where are my googi-oggers?
Translation: Mama, where are my binoculars?

Linus: Eh.
Linus: Ehhh.
Linus: Eh!!!
Translation: It means everything under the sun in the spoken language. (English, Spanish, and Italian included).

Linus has been saying a few more words lately though and it's been pretty sweet.
Linus: Ma...ma. Ma..ma. Da.dee. Da..deeeE!

Linus: Pah..pahhh. Pah...pahhh.
Translation: Papa!

Linus: Uh, tou, teeeee, oh, eh. 
Translation: One, two, three, four, five.

Linus: Uuuu.
Translation: Up.
Linus: Dooowww.
Translation: Down.

Linus: Haa dawww! Haaa Dawwwww! Deee dawwwww!!!
Translation: Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog! Always while dancing. Always.

Linus: Aaapoooh.
Translation: Apple (priorities)

Linus: Leee....leee!
Translation: Lily (our pup)

Linus: Staaaaaaaa!!!
Translation: STOPPPPPP!!!!! (Wonder where that one came from?)

If you are ever in need of Ogre translation lessons, just give me a call. I am fairly well versed in the world and language of Ogre, thanks to me sweet grunting Linus.


  1. I love "googi-oggers." That word makes me smile :)

    1. ME TOO! Haha, so confession: I honestly didn't want to correct him for the longest time because every time he asked for them I melted from the cuteness! Then my husband thought maybe it wasn't a good idea not helping him learn how to say it correctly. Fair enough. For the most part, googi-oggers are no more, but I think I got a video of it :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Gina! I wish I remembered to write all this stuff down more!


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