Monday, January 5, 2015

A Phlegmatic's New Year's Resolution

Hello Monday.

These holidays merge you into ongoing days filled with family, travel, and life. But, as always, we meet again.

I'm thankful for you today because it means we are beginning again. You are the start of a new week and for me I'm counting you as the start to my new year. You are starting my year because during holidays and travels my brain needs to do all the catching up and reflecting and settling back home. It's just easier.

Let us begin again.
-St. Francis of Assisi

This post will have a few things. For one, I'll share my word for the year (never done this before). And for two, I'll share my resolution. Honestly, I"m normally terrible about these type of things, but I really think this year will be different.

See, being at home with the boys and blogging help me to be more intentional about my time. It's my place to think, remember, and to be intentional. It helps me to slow down and see the sacred in my day-to-day. It helps me to look at myself as a mama and wife which isn't always so easy since my days seem to go so quickly. Now that I have a year of intentional blogging under my belt, I really think I can more fully utilize the gift that this little space is to me. That aside, being home helps me slow down. To be present. It gives me the time and space to engage not only with my role as mother and wife, but as friend, daughter, sister and all of the things that I am.

I'm not saying I do it well all the time. Matter of fact, I really don't. But, the more I learn about myself through writing and sharing, engaging and loving, the more I learn to be better.

For 2015, this is how I'm going to try to be better.

Word: Health

Health encompasses so much for me. After this last year of injuries that crippled me in ways I pray I never experience again, my word just needs to be health.

Health in the physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial sense. All of these areas are where I would like to improve on.

Physical will include some type of regimen. Little by little I pray it grows and sticks. And, little by little I pray it helps me physically improve in ways that will prevent my past injuries from reoccurring.

Spiritual is one area I am always praying for growth. This year I'll be learning more about St. Lawrence of Brindisi. He will be my patron saint for 2015. And, after what I've already read of him, I am so thankful and excited to see how his patronage will bless me. Also, I'll continue reading Blessed is She daily devotionals, lighting my daily prayer intention candle, and hopefully pray the rosary more often.

Emotional. When I think of this one I moreso think of my mothering and wife-ing and the fact that I need to get more sleep! Sleep affects my mood soooo much. When I'm deprived so is my emotional goodness. Hence way too much of the crazy-faced-mama on any given morning in 2014. More sleep, more peace, more insight, more prayer, and more intentional motivations are all things that help keep me better.

Financial. This one my husband and I have had in the works for the past year. We've read up on different programs, read numerous posts, and are just trying to find something that fits us. This week we'll be spending some time on what the details of budgeting will entail for us this year.

Resolution: Monthly Confession

I have nothing much to say about this other than thank you, Lord for answering my prayer by sharing a post from a dear friend. This post by Micaela stirred something in me that had me saying an overwhelming Yes from within. It's a good thing. I'm excited. And again, thankful.

* * * * * * * *

I'll try to keep y'all included on this journey I've set out on. This is what goals for the new year look like for my uber Type B/Phlegmat-tastic personality. Late, mostly general, late, and hesitant. But, one step towards trying is a good step, I say!

As always, thank you for your prayers for myself and our little family. I really am thrilled for all 2015 has for us. And as much as 2014 was so very challenging, it was also so very incredible; filled with blessing and gift.

Have you thought of your resolutions already? A word? How do you go about it all? Plan in advance? To-do list? Plan of attack written out before the year?

Do share and maybe I'll be able to do a little better next year! ;)


  1. Health. Ah, it was the word I wanted for 2015, but God gave me the word peace. But I am okay with the word peace now. Shall I say that I am at peace with it? ;)

    1. Haha, love it, Erica! Peace is a good word. Prayers for your year and please pray for mine! :)

  2. These are great goals health is a big one for me too more sleep and actually being physically fit to help improve me and my mood so I am a better mama!

    1. This is exactly what I'm wanting, ! It's so hard for me to go to bed early but I know I need to! I want earlier mornings and the quiet time. Also, the physical health is a big one for me. My high school injuries really haven't been very forgiving!

  3. Health is a great one, that's for sure. I was thinking today that monthly confession might be doable if I make it a priority. I'll join you in that one this year!

    1. Yes, Rita! Let's do it. There really is such a peace knowing that this is my commitment. Prayers for our journey!

  4. How did I miss this? Probably from reading blogs on my phone. This is a great word!! I'll be praying for you and your health. ;) Best wishes in your goals. I know this is a big (meaningful, important) one for you.


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