Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Bigfoot. 3. Will smile for a picture now (briefly), loves playing with his daddy outside, and love love loves the Dallas Cowboys.
 Evidence of the daddy-love.
 Evidence of the Cowboy love. It's his favorite football.
 Linus. 1. Loves following in his brother's footsteps, playing with his daddy, and has a new-found love for dirt.
Evidence of daddy-love.
 Evidence of the dirt-love.
 These three. Have my heart, give me purpose, and bless me everyday.
Lately, I've been thinking about hope. And since St. Bernard has a special place in my mama heart and with this blog, I thought I'd share some of his wisdom on the matter.
"Wait upon the Lord; be faithful to His commandments; He will elevate your hope, and put you in possession of His Kingdom. Wait upon Him patiently; wait upon Him by avoiding all sin. He will come, doubt it not; and in the approaching day of His visitation, which will be that of your death and His judgment, He will Himself crown your holy hope. Place all your hope in the Heart of Jesus; it is a safe asylum; for he who trusts in God is sheltered and protected by His mercy. To this firm hope, join the practice of virtue, and even in this life you will begin to taste the ineffable joys of Paradise.”
-Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Father and Doctor of the Church

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Also been thinking about my dear friends today and have been praying for them every time I think of them. If y'all could join me in keeping my beautiful friends in prayer I would appreciate that so very much.

If you aren't sure what all has happened here's a brief description of the journey that started yesterday:

Our friend started having seizures yesterday afternoon after never having had such an episode. He has had a number since and doctors are presently trying to diagnose what could be causing this. He is presently in Medical ICU. Doctors are still thinking it's cardio-related and that it could have been triggered anywhere from something digested to something he was born with or an infection that causes the heart rate to drop leading to these episodes. Thankfully he hasn't had an episode since 7:30 pm yesterday. It is likely he will have a pacemaker in tomorrow; could be temporary or permanent. If so, no restrictions; life should continue as normal, praise the Lord! (paraphrased from his wife)

Let's lift this couple in prayers! All the doctors involved. And thank God for giving them such peace during what could be an incredibly stressful time.


  1. "sheltered and protected by His mercy" I love that quote from St. Bernard. Praying for your friends!

    1. St. Bernard is so good! Thank you so much for praying, Erica!

  2. That's a good football tuck right there! Prayers for your frustrating and scary! Joining you in hope.

    1. Haha, isn't it? And, thank you for praying. So glad he's out of the woods! It really was so scary. My husband was able to hang out with him on Sunday so that's good. You can tell he's pretty spent from it all too.

  3. praying for your friend.
    love your photos, always :)

    1. Theresa, thank you so much for praying for our friend. Such a crazy ordeal but thankful that he is well and on the mend. And thank you for liking my photos. It really means a lot since I'm really trying to improve!

  4. Beautiful!

    Praying for your friend, as well.

    1. Gina! Thank you for your prayers. Thanks be to God, he is doing well and healing. Doctors gave him some things to change and it seems he's going to be good.

  5. What a sweet smile in that first picture!


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