Wednesday, February 4, 2015

5/52: Troopers

As y'all know, we've been sick over here. Or, at least the boys have been. I took them to the doctor on Monday and he confirmed that we have a mystery virus on our hands that could be this or could be that, but either way we just keep on keeping on.

Since the visit, we have kept on. The boys have been troopers. There has been a ton of grace - a ton - and lots and lots and lots of coffee. 

My new year's resolution was to make monthly confession and I tell you what, if the goods have been this good I cannot even imagine a whole year's worth?!! There's just more peace and flow to even my harder days. My husband made this resolution along with me and he agrees that there is something good happening here. 

But, now that I said there has been more peace and flow etc etc etc I have to admit that Linus has not napped since Monday and it's about to make me some kind o' crazy. My husband sees my crazy eyes peeping and he's been good to counter, but gee-whiz! It's like the little man senses I could use a little quiet and space and decides he just wants more of me. Even as I type that I see how silly it is to struggle with this. Of course my son, the sweet soul God shared with me, would want his mama in the craziness of mystery virus, but even so it's gotten tougher as the week has progressed to keep the peace and be the mama the little man wants.

Which leads me to today. Today Linus struggled in the morning. He hasn't had fever since Monday afternoon/evening, but he had a hard time this morning. It may be his throat bothering him, but that aside, he definitely has his appetite back!
 His sense of humor has been in full swing since the afternoon. In fact, he was feeling so well his famous grouchy face made a number of appearances.
 Outside of grouchy face and silliness he was all business - as usual - because priorities.
 My sweet Bigfoot had a really tough day today. The fever got the best of him. It spiked a couple times and it was just. not. shaking! He spent most of the day in this little spot below.
 The sweetness that he is told me to take another picture, mama! because he wanted me to get his smile...
...his grouchy face...
 ...his wink face...
and his are you done yet? face.
 I happily took all of them.

The brothers also got back to their togetherness even though the majority of the day Linus was up to his usual trouble-making, brother-pestering antics. The times Linus wasn't crazy fussy were golden and allowed for this sweetness to ensue.
 All the snuggles. All the snuggles were good. Even if I'm ready to be away from this yuck of couch we have.
So that's our day in a nutshell. More fever, more snuggles, more slowness, more fussiness, more togetherness, and lots and lots and lots of grace, prayer, grace, and coffee. My crazy face made a couple appearances but then my husband brought pizza home yesterday (we never do this anymore!!) and he brought home Jimmy John's today (Squeeeel!!) and my taste buds leaped for some kind of amazing joy because the hot peppers and the bread and all the good tastes. True story.

Really praying the boys can at least get up to 80% for the weekend. We have family coming in town for Linus's birthday and I really want everyone to be able to fully enjoy each other. There are good times to celebrate! Lord, have mercy. <3 i="">

How has your week been? I feel like so many families are getting hit all over again with viruses! Praying that it's not any of your families! But if it is, prayers for y'all!


  1. So sad that they're still sick! Sometimes it's fine when it's a sick they're sleepy and nappy but oh so hard, when they won't just give in and take a nap when they're body is so tired and needs it! Prayers that you all are better soon. And you're motivating me to get to Confession this weekend, thank you!

    1. Oh Mary! It was so rough to see him sick for so long. Poor baby. Or rather, babies. Since the fevers broke they've had a miserably runny/stuffy nose. Praying nothing else comes of this! And yes! Confession. Honestly, I can't wait to go again. The grace. It's real and good and needed. Thank you so much for the prayers and checking in on us! <3


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