Saturday, February 28, 2015

finding beauty // fluffy dancing flurries

Despite the boys not feeling on par I made sure they had a chance to play with some snow! As much as I wanted to take them out to the magical flurry session that was right outside our walls, bowls of snow to play and handle was what they got.

Oh, and snow ice cream.

Pretty sure the snow ice cream ranked me as their favorite for the day. Or rather, their favorite until I took away all the melted sugar once it had sat around for a little.

I'm going to share my bits of beauty on our day of snow. I took more pictures today that I'm excited to share soon too.

But for now enjoy these photos of snow love from a few Texans who find the white stuff so novelty. I hope you can understand why capturing evidence is a must!

I am thankful for this snow. It really was so beautiful and had every bit of magic that these lovely dancing flurries strive to bring. Fluffy dancing flurries. Fun and whimsical. White and soft.

Cold and wet. And cold. Cold. Cold. 

So thank you fun flurries for the day. Yesterday. It was plenty for our warm Texan hearts. And I heard that you want to share more of your beauty in the coming days again. But I beg you to re-think this and...

Maybe come again next year?

On that note, how do you northerners do it??? All the cold! So many more prayers for y'all during our little winters will be coming your ways for many years to come from this little Texan.

It is beautiful, though.

Anyways, What beauty have you seen lately?

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  1. Snow IS so beautiful! (So are you boys!) Even though I'm sick of the snow, I'm happy when we get a little fresh snowfall b/c it keeps things looking white and pretty, instead of the brown and muck we'll get as spring approaches. Early spring is my least favorite of anything - it's always wet and muddy and not too pretty :(

    1. Thanks, Theresa! I've never thought of the wet and muddy transition time! Hope it's a quick one and that the sun dries it up quicker than normal! But yes to the fresh snowfall!

  2. Looks like you made the most of your cold! ;) I, for one, grew up in CO and am SO OVER this week of non-stop cold and snow, which has no end in sight yet. Clearly, 3 years in CA made me a wimp, even after living so long here, and 3 years in NY where we had truckloads of snow for months. ;)

    1. Haha, Gina! It seems Cali really did leave an impression on you! We did try and even went out the next day! I'm glad we did because it melted the day after and both boys were dying to go out and play in it. :)

  3. So cute!!! John Paul crammed his pockets full of snow during the last storm, so I tossed it in the freezer and haven't decided what to do with it yet... Maybe snow cream will be on the menu soon!

    1. That's too funny about John-Paul! Did you end up making snow cream? I bet your kids would love it and it's so easy! It was my first time making it (Didn't grew up around snow.).

  4. Gorgeous photos! Thanks for linking up with us this week! You know, this is my second Midwest Winter, and I've never made snow ice cream! I'll have to try again when we have fresh, clean snow. :)


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