Sunday, August 4, 2013

5 Months of Sweetness

You are sweet.
You are rough.
You are strong.
Rolling around like a champ.
You have a laugh that warms the heart of many.
Your smile is infectious and incredibly amazing.
You get excited and it is so great.
Not the best sleeper (still waking 3-4 times a night).
But you are absolutely adorable during awake time.
Much better nurser.
Love your family.
Dimples for miles.
Loathe traveling more than anyone on the face of the planet.
A natural-born little Linus.
Dislike wearing clothing.
Love when we take off said clothing.
Enjoy bath time and biting on bath letters.
Love being held.
Big fan of the moby and becoming more of a fan of our sling.
Grab at everything.
Getting ready for solids.
A little investigator constantly exploring our little abode and your brother's face.
Growing daily.
Constantly babbling.
Went to San Antonio for the first time to visit family.
Pretty sure you have been saying Ma-ma-ma-ma, with the intention of getting my attention.
You have become a talented jumper thanks to your jumperoo time.
Celebrated your brothers 2nd birthday and had a blast.
Sweet Linus, thank you for being you.

i love you,

(This post is almost a month late. 6 month update is just around the corner.)


(Also, linking up with Iris at Country Girl's Daybook a day late and for the first time. I'm finding so many fun link-ups and loving it! Click on the link below to see some other sweet and simple posts!)

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