Monday, August 26, 2013

Catholic Woman's Almanac {CWA1}: Manic Monday

Joining Jenny for my first {CWA} link-up! Posts will be filled with phone pics this week since we are taking a family vacay!!! WOOHOO!

Counting the Gifts
::My husband! He does so much for us. He makes our little life possible! And, fills this home with so much love even during our challenging times (and believe me, I am challenging on no sleep).
::Bigfoot is the sweetest big brother! He is so affectionate. I love his innocent and beautiful spirit.
::Linus has one of the best smiles ever. ever. ever. ever.
::We are going to the beach this week! I grew up going to the beach near my hometown. It holds some of my most favorite times. I feel like I'm going to visit one of my best friends who I haven't seen in years!
::I love our family - immediate and extended!
::Today is Aunt Red's birthday! She has been such an amazing blessing to us and we love her so very much!

Sending Up Prayers
::Praying Aunt Red has an amazing birthday, filled with His Perfect and Joyous Love. 
::Praying for my husband on his first day at his new job.
::Praying for my boys.
::Especially praying for Linus. He has such a hard time when we travel. He will cry till no end, which makes us have a million stops in our already long trip.
::Praying for all mamas with new babies. The first months are the some of the most trying. And, sleep deprivation is no one's friend!
::And, praying the St. Monica Novena for special intentions.

Mulling it Over
::Just finished listening to a good friend's radio station. So much food for thought! She hosts the Culture Lifeline on the Guadalupe Radio Network on Mondays, from 1-2. Definitely tune in if you ever have a chance! She's amazing!

::I Love the Pebble in My Shoe. This post always helps me re-focus. A friend from college wrote this. You should definitely check her out. Her and her family are wonderful in so many ways!
::It Doesn't Have To Be This Way By Ginny Sufuert - My first homeschooling read. I have a list. This one is the first. 

::Packing, Laundry, and Cleaning, Oh MY! Since we're leaving tomorrow, I have a ton to do!!! A TON!

::One day at a time, I'm learning to deny myself and put the wonderful men in my life before me. I'm sleep deprived and often let that rule how I interact with GeekMan especially. Not cool. Not fair. I'm learning and trying to push through my sleepless nights and be a better and more loving wife.

::This post right here. Because that's about all I got right now.

::Different blogs on my FEEDLY while nursing little Linus. So many good posts today. These are a few blogsites I've visited today that have been so encouraging:

The Catholic Wife: Husbands See What Wives Reveal
And all things this FEEDLY add.

::Little Moments
This was right before Linus kicked his Dada in the face. This is a typical evening in our home. Bigfoot likes jumping all over Dada while Linus is rolling his way all over the place.


  1. Welcome!
    You have a beautiful family.

    1. Thank you, Emily! And, thanks for stopping by!! Hope you have a great rest of your week!

  2. Your first link up at Suscipio! That's a huge deal around these parts. Welcome, welcome! Off to read "I Love the Pebble in My Shoe" because you said so!
    :) Cristina

    1. Cristina, thank you for the sweet welcome! I hope you enjoy that post as much as I do. My friend and her family are absolutely precious! I am always learning so much from her.

  3. That looks just like our home in the evenings! I am so glad you joined us. My children have never, ever been to the beach. We set a goal to pay off our house in 5 years and our reward will be a trip to the beach. I want to go to the Outer Banks = 2 day drive. My husband wants to go to South Texas or the Western side of Florida = a very long 1 day drive. I'm pretty sure which one will win!

    1. Jenny! We just got back from South Padre Island, TX. I grew up going to this beach and have nothing but amazing memories. Going back this past week gave me all kinds of nostalgia happiness. Regardless, whichever beach you choose, it will be such a fun time for your family.


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