Thursday, August 1, 2013

Theme Thursday: Knots

I'm linking up again! I'm pretty excited about this one as I really want to learn more about how to take pictures with my new camera. How else to learn, but to take more pictures!?

So, thank you Cari, since this link-up is right up my alley!

The link-up is called Theme Thursday and it's hosted at Clan Donaldson! Every Thursday there is a different theme posted and bloggers around are to post a picture of said theme and link-up!


When I saw that the theme was Knots, the first thing that came to mind was a beautiful rosary that we have hanging in our bedroom. This rosary has been prayed time and time again by so many friends that we knew during our days in college. The story is a bit hazy, but I'm pretty sure our dear friend Matt Coles (there may have been others who helped to make it) made this. It was then passed around to faithfuls at St. Mary's and found its way back to Matt. While Matt and my husband got to hanging out more towards the end of college, Matt decided he would pass on this wonderful gift to him. He has had it ever since. And now, we have it. And as much as I am so grateful we have it in our home, I feel completely unworthy of such an incredible treasure.

You see, not only is this rosary special because it was made and given to my husband by Matt, but it is also incredibly special because it is something we have to remember him by. Matt, went to be with Our Lord about two and half years ago. He was diagnosed with stage-4 lung cancer at the age of 23; days before he was to wed his beautiful wife, Lucy. Their example of sacrificial love is incredible. And you can read a little about how they approached their journey here.

I met Matt my freshman year. He was my Bible Study leader for Aggie Catholic on-campus bible study. I remember Matt always having such a beautiful peace about him. So much joy and kindness. He thought of others. He listened. He wanted to know and wanted to pray for and with you. His heart was beautiful. He loved the Lord with such light and kept His Word close to him always. He was a saint among us then, and I now anxiously await his canonization.

There were daily miracles in the home of the Coles while he was alive (as many have shared) and the miracles continue even more since he has gone to be with His Savior. If you have some time I encourage you to read a little more about this wonderful man here. Meanwhile, we are here to ask for his intercession and to cling to an incredible treasure built with little knots that we are blessed to have in our home.

"There is more to suffering than the world knows, because the world doesn't understand. Suffering, though difficult, is a tool through which God teaches us wisdom. Our teacher, Christ, knows suffering. Therefore we must focus on Christ through our suffering which will lead us to the amazing awesomeness of God. -Matthew Coles (1983-2010) R.I.P.

Dear Matt, pray for our little family.

(Check out more Knot photos over at Clan Donaldson)

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