Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Five Favorites: Breastfeeding Edition!

I've been telling myself that I was going to write about breastfeeding for FOREVER! After trying to figure out what kind of favorites I'd like to share (definitely over-thinking my Five Favorites!!), I remembered that today is the last day to celebrate World Breastfeeding Awareness Week! Perfecto! Breastfeeding favorites it is! And, hopefully, after joining my first Five Favorites hosted by Hallie, I'll be a lot more easy-going (*ahem* still sleep deprived/hyped on Hazelnut coffee and Southern Pecan creamer) and a lot less over-thinky-crazy person.

Here goes nothing!

1. SNUGGLES, Sleep Nursing, and Milk Drunk faces! 
One of the most amazing things I have seen is how our littles will naturally seek out our breast to be nurtured and nourished. It's amazing!! Watching them wiggle their little new selves in the direction of food is pretty incredible and beautiful! 

What's also beautiful is all the oodles of snuggles that you get to experience throughout your nursing journey. The way they turn towards you. Hug their little chubby arms around you while nursing. Bat at your face and play with your hair. Nuzzle their little faces into your chest and arm. Not to mention the way they stare straight into your eyes knowing that you are their source of comfort and nourishment. There is a trust that is being built that is filled with so much goodness and irreplaceable. 

Along with the oodles of snuggles comes sleep nursing. This can happen while sitting or laying down. I'm not the best at nursing laying down, but I am learning this time around and starting to get the hang of it. There are some really sweet moments that come along with that. Like the times that you are nursing and the little drifts to sleep so much so that he sweetly un-latches and has a little dribble of milk at the corner of his mouth and is completely knocked out into a sweet sleep of happiness. It. is. the. best!

2. Never EVER have to pack formula, bottles, cleaning items, etc. etc. etc. for travels. Nor wash them.
No, thank you.
If you know anything about me, I am not very organized, much less a planner, or anything else near that realm. In fact, after reading Jenny's 5 Favs, I took the Myer's Briggs after having not taking it since graduate school. Apparently, I am still rockin'  to the INFP life tune. My INFPness only further confirms the benefit of not needing to carry anything extra to feed my baby - whether it be for travel, in home, or a day out. Obviously, if there was a need for it, I would do it. I pack for trips fairly successfully - fairly. But definitely approach packing with an if-I-forget-something-we-can-always-pick-up-said-item-in-said-location mentality (Probably not the best). Regardless, this aspect of breastfeeding for me is so greatly appreciated - and needed for my scattered/non-organized brain.

3. Breastfed diapers! 
We cloth diaper (Another post I've been meaning to write! Hmmm... Maybe that can be next week's Five Favorites? Done!). So, this one works in our favor. For whatever reason, sposies have not done too hot of a job containing breastfed poopies or smells for us. So, not only am I glad that we cloth diaper (RARELY have to deal with a poop-splosions. Literally, a handful throughout both boys lives thus far.), but I'm glad that the poopies are breastfed ones. Why, you may be wondering? Because the poo-s are sweet smelling and water soluble, which makes cloth-diapering that much easier and diaper changes that much more tolerable! Kinda weird. But, true! 

Breastfeeding makes me feel like I have a major super-power. True story. Baby is hungry? Mama to the rescue! Baby is crying uncontrollably from getting shots? No problemo! Because not only is my super power nourishing but it is also comforting. Mind you, each baby nurses differently (I have come to see with baby numero dos who nurses for minutes at a time and doesn't sleep/comfort nurse nearly as often as his older brother), but that doesn't change the fact that I'm home base. It's wonderful (and exhausting at times, no doubt), but still beautiful, incredible, amazing, and all things God-given.

5. Breastfed baby breath!
Baby's breath
Okay, this one may make me seem incredibly strange, but it is SO TRUE!! I'm a smell person. I always have been. I'm incredibly sensitive to yucky smells (easily gag-errific near any given trash-can), but put me near a breastfed baby mouth and it smells like a sweet baby flower. There really is something to a flower being called baby's breath! And, it's my last, but not least, favorite!


So, Happy World Breastfeeding Awareness Week, and do get on over to Hallie's to see more Five Favorites!

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