Saturday, December 14, 2013

7QT: Memories and Recipes

Ah! Jen is right! Christmas is just a little over a week away! When did that happen? Suppose it's only right that I finally put up our Thanksgiving memories. Photo story ahead along with a few recipes!

The boys.
For starters, we don't have a TV. And my dad and brother felt the only way Thanksgiving could actually be had at our place was with one. So, my brother so generously brought his over. There was football all. day. long. And, Bigfoot just did not know what to do with himself. Haha. Honestly, I'm just glad he didn't knock it over!
Linus, in Linus-fashion, was all over the place. Uninterested in the foreign object that became the center of our living room. He was sweet all day long and held by all!
All in all, these little monkeys had a great day and loved having Papa Ram, Nana, Uncle Godfather, Erin, my cousin and her boyfriend over for the day.
The Fluffs.
This little fluff loved having everyone's tablescraps. She patiently waited around the kitchen and table all day long. Pretty sure she loved it.

This little one mostly slept, snuggled anything for warmth, and kept as much distance between her and the boys as she could. She's not a fan of little ones and their little ways.

Our extended hearts.
This handsome couple loved on the boys and us all week! The boys loved every minute with them (Bigfoot especially loved having free reign of Nana's iPad) and we loved all the help we got from having four extra arms around!
We loved seeing these cuties too! The boys love their Uncle Godfather and enjoy playing with Erin too! Time with them is always such a treat!
My brother's mini-me.
Uncle A's mini-me with my brother.
And we had these two over too! Loved seeing them for Thanksgiving! Karla, even though you aren't a fan of living up here in North Texas, know that I've loved seeing you the few times we have!
Twas uhhh-mazing!!!!
This was my plate. Get a load of that buttered roll!
The stuffing my mom made was so delicious! Best I've ever had! Haha, and you may be thinking that's a funny thing to say, but I honestly never cared for stuffing until a couple years ago. Between this and my sweet potato casserole, my taste-buds were doing a happy dance all day!
This boy was a fan!
Okay, I found this recipe from Gimme Some Oven and it was perfect! I even overcooked the pecan pie a smidge and it was still soooo good! Husband even said it was the best he'd had and pecan pie is his favorite! I look forward to making this recipe again and often!
These pumpkin muffins were had for breakfast and for some daytime snacking. I made half the batch with cranberries and the other half with dark chocolate chunks. These are yummy two ingredient muffins I've been making for years. Just a can of pumpkin and a spice cake mix mixed together and baked for a good 18 minutes. Voila! Yummy and Pumpkin-y! However, I just found this recipe and I think I may try it out next for our annual Bible Study White Elephant party.
There were more desserts that were had. Lots of beer. Lots of wine. And I made a deep red apple cider which I found to be yummy since I love cider. All in all it was a beautiful turnout!

The women.
The men.
Love the boys in this picture. We had to take a number of these. They got old pretty quick, but you do what you have to in order to capture the moments. 
My Mom and I with the boys. Linus was so funny during these pictures. He all of sudden smiling was so much fun! Smiling and the sweetest little pretty eyes blinky thing he never does when asked. Haha. It was great!
The boys were pretty tired come evening. Lots of evening snuggles were had.

Post-Thanksgiving Fun!
Next evening we headed out to Frisco Square for this amazing light show! It was a beautiful little winter wonderland!
Complete with fake snow flurries flying around! So fun!
This little one had fun because he got himself some popcorn from the candy store.
And this sweet little bundle stayed pretty mesmerized by it all despite how cold it was out!
All had fun. Even though we didn't stay terribly long, it was a nice time.
Not sure how long the display stays up but I sure do hope we make it out once more!

All in all, we had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. We celebrated with loved ones we are so very thankful and prayed in thanksgiving for all those blessings that we didn't get to see.

The fall season always brings the holidays in such a rush, but I love how the very seasons themselves are always calling us to slow down. Be present. Be in love. Share. Give. Hope. Be joyful! Wait. Smile. Rejoice!

Another year filled with goodness. Looking forward to celebrating the birth of Our Lord!

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