Thursday, December 12, 2013

TT: A Half-Dozen Build

Joining the fun over at Clan-Donaldson for Theme Thursday! This weeks theme is dozen

My parents brought us up some delicious valley citrus over Thanksgiving break. They brought a bag of oranges for my brother and a bag of grapefruits for me (and my hubby on my more generous days). Grapefruits are my absolute favorite and if I could eat them daily for the rest of my life I would! Since the bags of fruit have arrived, Bigfoot has been getting into them daily so that he can build sumfing.

Bigfoot loves "building" things. He will build up his Lego blocks to all sorts of heights. He'll build his bowling pins into rows for days. He will even build his sandwich with the slice of pickle, crackers, and carrots as much as they will balance; which brings us to the oranges.

Bigfoot was, again, meddling in the citrus bags and taking out the ball-shaped oranges (He knows they are a fruit to eat but is a big fan of all things ball-shaped.). Anyways, he started building the oranges (a half dozen to be precise) on our dining table and decided that the Angel from our little nativity need to come hang out in the little orange fort he built.
So, there you have it. This is my half-dozen Theme Thursday picture. Head on over to Clan-Donaldson to see more beautiful, fun, and creative dozen photos!


  1. I love the colors in this so much! Clearly he needed the angel there for a little complementary color contrast - purple & orange are perfect!

  2. Clearly! Haha, I keep finding oranges everywhere lol I need to eat up these bad boys asap!


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