Friday, December 20, 2013

7QT: One image sums it all up for me

This one image pretty much sums it up for me. I'll just add some quick takes that will hopefully remind me to eventually  jot down more about our present life journey.

Updates for month 9 and 10 for sweet little Linus are forever overdue. It lingers in my mind. It's there.  A little something reminding me to write it, but I just. can't. do. it. Perhaps it's denial. Perhaps it's the craziness that is our life right now. But, I'm betting it's a combo of both. Regardless, I fully intend on writing his updates! With pictures of his sweet face!

--- 3 ---
Speaking of the little man. Something has been going on. Something that has managed to turn our home upside down. The typically sweet face with the big smile has been clawing at his gums, arching his back, and shedding some mad tears to the point of going hoarse mostly at night and during naps. For the most part if he's awake and distracted he is fine and dandy + drool and chewing on his little chubby fingers. But come night time, it is a new level of heartache and horrible that I have ever encountered. 

At first we were thinking it was reflux. Went to the doctor, did some blood work and describing of the behaviors, and decided this is high on the list of BINGO. Start medicine and see no major difference in the craziness, leads me to think it still may be possible, just need the right med, but something else is going on.

My first son, for the most part, teethed pretty gracefully. But, seeing how Linus has been clawing at his gums, leads me to believe that I haven't seen teething yet! My poor baby feels this pain like none other and it. is. awful. I have had little to no sleep all week and am hanging on by a thread.

But there was some light today! Because of a tidbit of essential oil wisdom I found via a comment Efficient Momma made on Call Her Happy's blog, Linus took to his naptime beautifully. Just like old times! He snuggled, nursed, fell asleep, and went down. It was amazing because he has not done this for most of this week. Nap times and bed times have been twined with tears and struggle. So, a drop of lavender essential oil into a bit of his non-scented baby lotion, rubbed on his little toesies went a long way today! Thank you, Jenna and Rachel!!!

So, with all that, prayers appreciated for the little one and for our little family. That we may have the grace to endure our present with His Strength. Because, let's be honest, I'm a crazy person when it comes to not getting sleep.

--- 4 ---
Ah, sleep. Dear sleep. I miss you.

--- 5 ---
And, supposedly Christmas is next week. Ha. Remember that Christmas tree we were supposed to go out and get? Yup. This did not happen. Pretty sure this will be the first Christmas of my life that I will not have a Christmas tree in the place that I am residing. Sadness. But, life has been taking us for a loop that we are just barely holding on to. When you take a ton of sleep out of the equation (and I mean a ton), everything just seems to start spinning.

On the spinning note, we're supposed to start our Christmas travels tomorrow. Or rather, we were supposed to get our butt into travel gear this evening, but seeing how evenings are the absolute hardest on Linus we thought we'd wait and give tomorrow morning a go.

St. Christopher, Please pray for us.

--- 6 ---
Which means I need to pack. A weeks' worth of life. Oh packing, when will we ever get along?...

--- 7 ---
But, at least there's a light at the end of my sleepy tunnel filled with His Beautiful and Perfect Birth, spending time with family and loved ones, and potentially a new home (if it be His Will that we proceed on this current gem we found).

Prayers for a beautiful and merry Christmas!


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