Friday, December 6, 2013

7QT: The W Date Night

We had a date night at fancy shmancy hotel in downtown Dallas. GeekMan's company Christmas party was last night and we had so much fun!

Here we go. Date night/Company Christmas Party in Instagram/iPhone photos:

The fancy-shmancy place I was talking about. The weather was no bueno last night, but we were determined. Even though our babysitter backed out (we had some amazing friends who came to the rescue!) we made our way through the yucky, sleety, rainy weather. Thankfully the roads were pretty empty which made for a quick trip there!
Oh yes! This was taken in the bathroom. Be prepared friends, there is more ridiculous to be had in the photos that proceed. I don't get out much...
That's right! Full ensemble selfie. I loved the dress I was wearing and the bathroom really was like none other I had been I thought, why not. Any dress that has pockets is a major favorite in my book!
My sexy man. Loved being on his arm all night long. We had so much fun!
Reflection-couple selfie! Didn't know they existed but they do now in my book. Here we are looking out at the incredible view we had.
And another couple-selfie on our way out. I blame all the mirrors that are literally everywhere just asking us to take selfies.
Evidence that I wore heals. (For you, mom.) :) I had the hurting footsies to follow for further evidence. Ask, GeekMan. I griped.
A nice co-worker of my husband took this photo. Memory captured! 
The crummy weather we had to look forward to once we drove to our friends' home to pick up the littles (who did so well - Thank you, Jesus!).

Quick shout out to our Guardian Angels who kept us safe all through the night. I think they have a good understanding of the reality that we just don't get out much. Gracias!! Annnnd, so many thank yous to our friends for watching the boys! You blessed us abundantly (as always!)!!!

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