Monday, December 9, 2013

Advent Unplugged: One day at a time


Unplugged Photo Story:
but surely...
our little home...
with Joy.
In this Christmas box we have all our Advent Christmas tree decor. We have three weeks of purple ornaments and one weeks worth of pink. Ideally, we would put up a weeks set along with the weeks of Advent, but this year we are obviously running a bit behind.

Nonetheless, onward we go! Little by little.
And, here's our little Advent wreath we got a few years ago through the boy scouts at our church. It's held up but needs some help. And somehow Mary and an Angel made their way to the center. Linking up here with the CatholicMom Advent wreath link-up.

Week two is off to a much better start. Just going to keep on keeping on and pray that His Grace meets me where I am, daily! 

Thanks again, Haley, at Carrots for Michaelmas for encouraging us all to keep accountable and to be more present during such a beautiful season!


  1. I love the idea of having purple and pink ornaments :-) Do you keep those on the tree for Christmas? Or do you redecorate for Christmas?

    1. Hey there! The plan so far is to keep them and come Christmas add all the fun extras we have (family ornaments, festive to-dos, kid ornaments, etc). So far it's what we have, but we shall see if that changes in the years to come. :)

  2. Is that a felt Nativity Scene Advent Calendar?! I love it! Where did you get it?

  3. Haley! Thanks so much for stopping by! So, sorry I'm just now responding though. Yikes! It is! I bought the calendar at our local Holy Christ Child Luncheon market. The actual store holding it was Little Angels out in Coppell, TX. I think they have an online store. So far the boys just pull off the pieces and scatter them. But, hopefully when theyre older we can manage something a bit more advent related :)


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